Podcast Listen In Gone But Never Gone Here But Always Here Losing A Loved One


I woke up last week to find that a dear friend’s daughter and unborn grandchild had died due to violence. I felt paralyzed when I heard the news paralyzed at what this mother may be feeling as to her child and grand child just like that. 

I Have been distraught for months now over how many people worldwide have lost loved ones to COVID-19 and violence , gone just like that.  It has touched my family also we have lost family member to covid-19 my heart's  breaking and aching for everyone.

So, today’s podcast is quite different from our regular podcast. 

Listen just listen to a poem I wrote this is for you and your Family Roni 


This podcast is called 

Gone But Never Gone, Here But  Always Here.  Losing a Loved One. 

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  Debbie Smith-Torrence

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